Lua_icxx  1.02 (Aug 2011)
LuaTableRef Member List
This is the complete list of members for LuaTableRef, including all inherited members.
delField(const char *key)LuaTableRef [inline]
delField(const std::string &key)LuaTableRef [inline]
delField(const KeyType &key)LuaTableRef [inline]
getAs() const LuaObjRef [inline]
getErrMsg() const LuaObjRef
getField(const KeyType &key) const LuaTableRef [inline]
getID() const LuaObjRef [inline]
getLuaState() const LuaObjRef [inline]
getMetaTable() const LuaObjRef
getTypeID() const LuaObjRef [inline]
hasField(const KeyType &key) const LuaTableRef [inline]
hasMetaBase() const LuaObjRef
hasMetaTable() const LuaObjRef
isError() const LuaObjRef [inline]
isNil() const LuaObjRef [inline]
LuaObjRef(const std::string &id="nil")LuaObjRef [explicit]
LuaObjRef(const LuaTempResult &)LuaObjRef
LuaObjRef(const LuaTempResult::Item &)LuaObjRef
LuaObjRef(lua_State *, int stackPos)LuaObjRef
LuaTableRef(const std::string &id="nil")LuaTableRef [inline, explicit]
LuaTableRef(const LuaTempResult &res)LuaTableRef [inline]
LuaTableRef(const LuaTempResult::Item &item)LuaTableRef [inline]
LuaTableRef(lua_State *lua, int stackPos)LuaTableRef [inline]
MetaMethod enum nameLuaObjRef
mLuaLuaObjRef [protected]
MM_ADD enum valueLuaObjRef
MM_CONCATENATE enum valueLuaObjRef
MM_DIVIDE enum valueLuaObjRef
MM_EQUAL enum valueLuaObjRef
MM_FIELD enum valueLuaObjRef
MM_INDEX enum valueLuaObjRef
MM_LESS_OR_EQUAL enum valueLuaObjRef
MM_LESS_THAN enum valueLuaObjRef
MM_MULTIPLY enum valueLuaObjRef
MM_NEGATE enum valueLuaObjRef
MM_NEW_FIELD enum valueLuaObjRef
MM_NEW_INDEX enum valueLuaObjRef
MM_SUBTRACT enum valueLuaObjRef
MM_TOSTRING enum valueLuaObjRef
MM_UNARY_MINUS enum valueLuaObjRef
operator TT() const LuaObjRef [inline]
operator!=(TT val) const LuaObjRef [inline]
operator<(TT val) const LuaObjRef [inline]
operator<=(TT val) const LuaObjRef [inline]
operator=(const LuaTempResult &result)LuaObjRef [inline]
operator=(const LuaTempResult::Item &resultItem)LuaObjRef [inline]
operator==(TT val) const LuaObjRef [inline]
operator>(TT val) const LuaObjRef [inline]
operator>=(TT val) const LuaObjRef [inline]
operator[](const KeyType &key)LuaTableRef [inline]
pushObj() const LuaObjRef [inline]
resetRef(const LuaTempResult &result)LuaObjRef [inline]
resetRef(const LuaTempResult::Item &)LuaObjRef
setField(const char *key, const ValType &obj) (defined in LuaTableRef)LuaTableRef [inline]
setField(const std::string &key, const ValType &obj) (defined in LuaTableRef)LuaTableRef [inline]
setField(const KeyType &key, const ValType &obj) (defined in LuaTableRef)LuaTableRef [inline]
setID(const std::string &id)LuaObjRef [inline]
setMetaBase(const LuaTableRef &)LuaObjRef
setMetaMethod(MetaMethod id, const LuaFuncRef &func)LuaObjRef
setMetaProtected(bool val=true)LuaObjRef
setMetaTable(const LuaTableRef &)LuaObjRef
setNil()LuaObjRef [inline]
typeName() const LuaObjRef [inline]
~LuaObjRef() (defined in LuaObjRef)LuaObjRef [inline, virtual]